Report: Children and young people's mental health

To be published autumn 2018 by Auditor General

Improving mental health and wellbeing is a major public health challenge for Scotland. The social and economic costs of mental ill health are high. One in eight children aged ten to 15 report symptoms of mental ill health, with most adult mental health problems first occurring in adolescence. Mental health problems in childhood and adolescence are also associated with poorer outcomes in later life, such as an increased likelihood of leaving school with no qualifications, unemployment and substance misuse. The Scottish Government’s Mental Health Strategy, published in March 2017, emphasises the need to improve early intervention and prevention in order to achieve improved outcomes for children and young people.

This audit aims to establish how effectively children and young people’s mental health services are delivered and funded in Scotland. The audit will look at provision of services across all four tiers of CAMHS, including voluntary sector and private sector services where relevant. Throughout the audit we will engage with children and young people, as well as their parents and carers, about their views and experiences.

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