Report: Forth Replacement Crossing

To be published August 2018 by Auditor General

The Forth Replacement Crossing is the biggest publicly funded infrastructure project in Scotland in recent years at an overall cost of £1.35 billion. The main element of the project is a new bridge, the Queensferry Crossing, connecting Fife with Edinburgh and the Lothians.

The need for a replacement crossing was identified in 2007 following inspections of the Forth Road Bridge, which found that there was significant deterioration of the cables. The replacement crossing is intended to improve the management of traffic and provide greater flexibility for routine maintenance works, as well as permitting incidents and accidents to be addressed without the traffic disruption experienced on the Forth Road Bridge.

The audit will assess whether the Scottish Government's delivery of the project has provided value for money. It will do this by assessing:

  • if there was a clear business case for the project and a competitive procurement approach
  • the governance and management of the project, including delivery of the project to time, cost and quality targets, and how the project costs were calculated
  • whether the objectives and intended benefits were clearly set out from the start, and the progress made towards achieving them.
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