Publication: Proposal for briefing paper: Tackling child poverty

To be published autumn 2022 by Auditor General, Accounts Commission
Publication cover: Proposal for briefing paper: Tackling child poverty

Equalities is a priority area for the Accounts Commission and the Auditor General for Scotland (AGS). This paper sets out a proposal for a briefing paper on child poverty. The briefing will highlight the Accounts Commission and AGS’s interests in child poverty and will signpost our future audit work in this area. This is likely to take place after 2023/24, to allow us to comment on whether the child poverty interim targets have been met.

Publishing the briefing paper this year will allow us to reflect on the achievements of the Scottish Government’s first child poverty delivery plan (2018-22) and comment on its plan for the next four years (2022-26), published at the end of March 2022.

Proposal for briefing paper - PDF 129Kb